Critical Food Safety Standards And Corrective Actions











Place food approved for donation in sanitized food pans with cover or food safe plastic bags

Bacterial survival & growth


Maintain hot food temperature at 140°F or hotter prior to saving


Team Member measures temperature of hot food with thermometer


If food temperature is less then 140°F, discard product


Harvest Temperature Log


Label container with date, time and contents

Bacterial growth

Shelf life maximum: Cooler -72 hours,Freezer-7 days

Discard food exceeding shelf life standards


Donor Storage

Immediately place saved food for donation in freezer or cooler

Bacterial growth

Cool hot food rapidly from 140°F to 70°F within 2 hours and from 70°F to 41°F or lower within 4 hours

Team Member checks freezer or cooler temperature

If freezer or cooler temp. is above 41°F, follow Donor guidelines on corrective action and discarding of food

Harvest Temperature Log


Pick-up and Transport

Food picked up from restaurant and delivered to agency

Bacterial growth

Food temperature is 41°F or below and maintained at 41°F or below

Pick-up person measures food temp. with a thermometer at pick-up and when placed in freezer or cooler at agency

If food temperature is above 41°F, discard product

Unit Product Donation Log


At pickup, inspect food; no off-odors or discoloration, food does not exceed shelf life


Reject donated food exceeding shelf life standards or not passing visual inspection

Note reason for rejection on Unit Product Donation Log


Agency Storage

Immediately place donated food in freezer or cooler

Bacterial growth

Cooler temp: 35°F - 41°F - shelf life 48 hours Freezer temp: 0°F ± 10°F - shelf life 30 days

Observation of cooler or freezer temperature and food storage date

Discard food exceeding shelf life standards

Daily inspection audit



Thaw food prior to reheating

Bacterial growth

Keep food at or below 41°F during thawing process. Reheat food within 24 hours after thawing

Cook measures refrigerated food temperatures with a thermometer

Discard food if temperature is above 41°F for over 2 hours

Daily inspection audit



Reheat donated food for service

Bacterial survival & growth

Rapidly heat food to an internal product temperature of 165°F for at least 15 seconds in 2 hours or less

Cook measures internal product temperature with a thermometer

If 165°F or higher food temperature for at least 15 seconds is not reached within 2 hours, discard product

Cooking Log